Carrie Lynch Horsemanship
                                      "It's amazing what the horse will do to satisfy a human being."

                                                                                                                                                            Ray Hunt 
Shelby and Oliver
What a great horse show brother!
Hannah and Chatam, Lindsey and Dallas
Thanks for your help Marcia!
Ez Up Tent.... Ez Down Tent
Morgan and Olivia with the 2010 Halter Champions!
2010 Parent Child Winners!
Shelby and Darby
Shelby and Carter and their good friend, Lad
Max the "corn dog"
Ollie - Oliver
Carter and Max
Carter and Skittles
Morgan and Katie enjoying Gordyville!
Thanks for the snacks Morgan!
The Kieser's present: Showmanship Champions!
Toy Story Friends
Horse Show Buddies, Carter and Luke
McKale with her friends, Ollie, Max, and Darby
Shelby and Middy Boy
Max, Ollie, and Darby
Shelby and her friends
Shelbs and Max
Morgan as Ronald, Skittles as the Happy Meal and their helper, Lindsey
Leadline Winners!
Way to go at Youth Charity!
Darby and Max